Ep-4 GoodBye!

Goodbye! Not exactly, this doesn’t mean I’m saying goodbye to this blog or to you guys (whoever reads my blog). In this episode, I’ll be talking about a song which I wrote for certain someone but I sang it for someone else. Some of you might have guessed what the song is about by reading […]

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Hey! How is everyone doing? I have been very lazy since past week and I’m having a hard time keeping up with the blog. I write about my original contents in this blog and it has been really hard to create something original this week. Though, I have something for this week too. As you […]

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Ep2-Lost & Fallen

Hey, Guys! It’s episode two of this blog & as always I do have a new song; not a song exactly but a poem. If you’ve read the first episode then you must have realized that writer of the songs that I’m working on is a secret. This poem is written by the same person […]

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Ep1-Beautiful Lie

Music, an art of expression; feelings floating with an array of sounds. The comfort and the sense of satisfaction when you’re high on music is ineffable. However, if you have ever tried to write and compose a music you’ll know how hard of a work it is.┬áNow let’s discuss why this blog? People that know […]

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